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Bouncer rentals can ramp up the excitement at a birthday party, corporate event, block party, festival, or picnic. That’s why Backyard Bouncers is proud to offer an extensive variety of bounce houses to our customers. When kids see a moon bounce, a castle bounce house or a 20x20 jumper at their event, their excitement instantly becomes great memories.


Our combo inflatables provide bouncing fun and sliding thrills for all riders. While some children may be content to jump up and down until it's time to go home, others will enjoy scaling the steps to the top and sliding back down to the bottom as many times as they can muster. Backyard Bouncers combo units are perfect for family-oriented fairs, parties and special events. They are suitable for multiple riders at once, creating more versatility and a broader appeal.


Specialty bouncer rentals can provide a vibrant and striking centerpiece for all types of events, both indoor and outdoor. Specialty bouncers such as our obstacle courses also are the perfect way to draw in guests of any age group and break the ice with some friendly competition that will keep them climbing, sliding, crawling, running, and most importantly, laughing. Give your guests a unique experience that they will bond over and long remember.


A tent rental from Backyard Bouncers is an ideal way to ensure the success of an outdoor event.  Unfortunately, you can never completely rule out the chance of rain or winds — especially when you’ve set the date for your event weeks or even months in advance.


Tables and chairs are those cornerstone pieces you need at every event. You want your guests to be comfortable no matter the age or size. Tables are an important part of any event. It is usually at a table where stories are told, memories are shared, and laughter abounds. Having quality tables that are guaranteed to stand level will keep your event professional.


Don’t forget to pick out a banner to match your party theme! Choose from our party theme banners (Cinderella, Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants, Scooby-Doo, Fairly Odd Parents, Shrek or Happy Birthday). Please call to reserve banners at this time.

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